“Dive into a luxurious skincare experience inspired by the marine richness of one of the most pristine regions in the world.”

Sea Healer

The first natural cosmetic raw material that combines the benefits of the ocean with the regenerative powers of sea cucumber secretions, all while preserving animal well-being.


The first marine cosmeceutical range from the Polynesian lagoons. This
skincare ritual is a manifestation of the virtues of our active ingredient, the
Sea Healer.
Discover our complete range of formulas starting in early 2024:
Plumping serum, regenerating cream, peeling.

Our Approach

Our research is the result of one man’s conviction, certain that the ocean provides the best for our bodies.

Océan pacifique polynésie française
Sea healer tahiti


At the heart of one of the most preserved territories in the world, our deepest wish is to work for nature and its inhabitants.