Our commitments

Our Researchs

We invest in scientific research to develop innovative products and cutting-edge formulations to ensure the effectiveness of our products. We minimize the transformation of active ingredients to stay close to what nature offers us and prioritize processes from green chemistry, referenced by Cosmos. In doing so, we contribute to a cosmetic industry that is more environmentally friendly.

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Biodiversity Preservation

Certain sea cucumber species are currently endangered due to overfishing. The specimens used for the creation of our cosmetic ingredient are selected for their remarkable properties, recognized for centuries by Asian pharmacopeia, and come from environmentally friendly sustainable aquaculture. We are committed to maintaining the well-being of the animals used. After observation for a few days, they are released back into their natural habitat.

Natural Cosmetics

We formulate our products by prioritizing natural ingredients sourced
sustainably, rejecting harmful or controversial ingredients. We aim to minimize our environmental footprint and support responsible production practices.

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