Sea Healer

Our innovation

SEA HEALER™: a powerful active ingredient with multiple virtues

A powerful patented active ingredient which is a unique blend of oceanic benefits, enriched by sea cucumber secretions.
Depending on the concentration chosen in the cosmetic formula, it triggers different intracellular signaling pathways, resulting in arange of complementary and synergistic effects.

The Ocean

A natural exfoliant that revitalizes the skin while preserving its balance. In Polynesia, its exceptional purity enhances its benefits for deep hydration without compromise.

The Secretions

Some sea cucumbers lack visible means of defense. To protect themselves, they synthesize and release powerful active molecules: secretions. These provide collagen while increasing its natural synthesis by the skin. They stimulate cellular regeneration and protect against daily aggressions.


The alliance of the ocean and secretions helps maintain cellular balance, contributes to the production of the skin's supporting framework, and restores its firmness.
With a powerful anti-aging effect, the skin is plumped.
At a higher concentration, Sea Healer facilitates the elimination of damaged cells, making way for new ones and stimulates tissue regeneration.
With a peeling effect, the complexion is radiant and revitalized, and the skin texture is refined.


Marine cosmetic

Discover our inaugural range: plumping serum, regenerating cream, and peeling.
Available in early 2024.

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Without animal sacrifice

Our cosmetic ingredient is thoughtful and designed with respect for the environment and those who comprise it. We are proud to offer ethical solutions while ensuring the acquisition of a high-quality active through a patented biotechnological process.

Scientific Expertise

Through the full chemical characterization of our ingredient, we know its unique composition. Its activities have been screened through in vitro enzymatic tests and proteomic analysis. Each claim we make is substantiated by in-depth scientific research.