Our story

Polynesia: Terrestrial and Marine Riches

The founder hails from the sacred island of Raiatea, neighboring Bora Bora.
Immersed in traditional Polynesian knowledge and passionate about the
ocean, he is convinced that nature provides us with the best for our health.

A few years ago, this man delved into the depths of the ocean to extract
the resources needed to restore balance to his body. After experiencing the
therapeutic properties of sea cucumbers, he felt the need to uncover the secrets of this marine creature and make them accessible.

Diligent and meticulous, he assembled a team of highly qualified
researchers and scientists whom he guided to develop an innovative active
ingredient with incredible cosmetic benefits: the Sea Healer.

Inspired by the power of this active ingredient, he decides to incorporate it
into a unique cosmeceutical ritual: Te Miti, a line of natural anti-aging
treatments that are highly effective and enhance all skin types.

Research & Development

Three years of R&D for the development of our products.

Over three intense years, our team of dedicated researchers and scientists worked tirelessly to create a range of cosmetic products using the pure water from lagoons and the defense molecules of sea
cucumbers, these amazing marine creatures